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Hip Hop Beats and Instrumentals-Choose Wisely

Hip Hop Beats and Instrumentals

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It may seem strange, but in today’s music world, vocals and lyrics are no longer the determining factor in a artist’s success. The beat is in the forefront now, driving many contemporary Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B pieces straight up the charts. There are a number of different beat styles. Common categories of hip hop beats include east-coast beats, west-coast beats, club beats, chopped and screwed beats, and trap beats. The type of beat can determine whether it is classified as commercial or underground, although many times there is a crossover.

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Choosing the Right Beat

Finding the correct types of beats in Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B music can enhance your performance in a very noticeable way. This is why it is imperative for you, as an artist, to have the right beats backing you up. Choosing the right beat for the performance will showcase an artist’s talent. There are numerous elements to consider when deciding on a song’s beats; however, you must always keep in mind what your audience wants. Ensure that your performance stands out so that people remember more than just the beat that is stuck in their head. Remember to chose carefully when selecting Rap Beats and Hip Hop Beats. The Drums and The Bass are the driving force behind these types of beats.

Top of the Charts

A song with a flame beat can still reach platinum level even if the artist isn’t great. When a beat is compelling, the song repeats over and over in your head. Haven’t you ever wondered how a certain song went platinum in the first place? Pay attention to the percussion, the drums, and the bass. Fans seem to be drawn to a deep, soul shaking beat. Whether you are working with Rap, R&B, or Hip Hop Instrumentals the beats should have similar traits that move the crowd. The drums are the foundation of a strong, catchy song. Simple melodies added to the drum track will lead the artist in the musical direction. It’s common for Rap Instrumentals and Hip Hop Instrumentals to have one line melodies. The reason for the simplicity of these types of beats is to give the artist the room to be creative.

Quality of The Beats

It’s important that your beats sound great whether played in a club, or on the radio. If the beat has been mixed and mastered correctly it will sound as good as any industry beat. Once this step is done you are over halfway done to a hit song. Simply add some fire lyrics to the beat to set it off. As a new, and not yet established artist, you may not have all the money necessary to get the highest quality beats. Luckily in today’s market there are several places you can find professional quality beats. Beat Stars, Sound Cloud, Sound Click, and You Tube are full of independent producers with good beats. When trying to find a beat, it is best to pick one that highlights your talent and does not detract from it. The beat you choose should not only be fire, but it should also go well with your talent, and allow it to show through.

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Final Thoughts

A good beat is important, but your talent is the key to your success. Practice your craft everyday. The perfect beat can be utilized by a person to enhance his or her talent. This will allow him or her to obtain a higher level of success. With the help of quality music beats, many artists grow to amazing heights. The right instrumental can improve an artist’s performance seemingly overnight!

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